About the event

Let's deep dive into our fascinating and intricate universe! A Journey Into Space is a virtual planetarium Zoom event on June 6, 2022 at 6pm. Join our outer space experts Dr. Dewayne Ulysses, Dr. Richardine Gray, and Geronimo Clair as we learn about the different types of stars and how they are created through nebulas, humans going to space, the history of constellations, black holes, quasars, the evolution of supernovas, dark matter, life found on other planets, asteroids, meteors, comets, and so much more (more about these individuals are on the speakers tab). Following the presentation, a YouTube link will be sent that will bring the speakers’ words to life as we send you on a journey into the vastness of outer space showcasing the wonders and mysteries of our universe. Outer space is so vast and complex in and beyond our solar system, let’s learn about it together!

The Next Generation of Space Education


Dr. Dewayne Ulysses

Dr. Dewayne Ulysses’s inquisitive nature and unending curiosity had led him toward space sciences, particularly in the range of astronomy and physics. His time at top universities has been well spent on the studies of astronomy and physics, alongside his readied arsenal of presentation skills to bring knowledge from beyond the stars down to Earth for the public. Utilizing personal anecdotes and overall engaging teaching for his seminar, Dewayne is dedicated to passing on his knowledge to the public for the benefit of astronomers’ studies

Research of Space and it's Grand Importance


Dr. Richardine Gray

Dr. Richardine Gray is a leading researcher scientist at Space Labs, and proudly holds a PhD in Astrophysics. His research spans independent and collaborative projects for top institutions including NASA and SpaceX. Tracing data from previous space missions, Dr. Richardine Gray leads the way for troubleshooting foreseeable issues that lay in the works of the latest expeditions outside our atmosphere. Dr. Richardine Gray’s seminar goes into detail on how past mission data is applied to present mission foresight, as well as showing a glimpse of the tested research.

Overseeing the Planets


Lillian Clair

Lillian Clair yields a master’s in Astronomy and doubles as a planetarium director. Planetariums have contributed to the study of astronomy by providing information vital for educating the public on space. Lillian Clair’s wide success in astronomy and physics classes within Stewart Cosmo University, and disperses her knowledge particularly to the young adults of our future. The innermost workings of planetariums is especially technical, yet the processes of recruiting workers for and tending to the structure are well worth the value of public education. Clair’s seminar will emphasize how enlightening the public would greatly contribute to the studies of astronomy.